Covid 19

All of us here at Hoof and Paw Veterinary  Service are dedicated to the health and well being of your animal family members. During the current COVID-19 emergency we are making some alterations to our protocols to protect our clients and our staff, while still offering excellence in veterinary care. We will be taking extra care to disinfect all surfaces, doorknobs, bathrooms, furniture, etc on a frequent basis throughout the day.

Most importantly, we are asking clients who have had a fever, flu like symptoms, exposure to persons with COVID-19, or traveled to high risk areas, to have another person bring your animal to the clinic or hold your horse. If this is not possible, please tell the receptionist when you call so we can make arrangements to meet you at the door and bring your pet in while you wait in your vehicle or have a technician hold your horse.

Please bring your cell phone with you so if we need to have discussions at length, we can do it by phone for your and our protection.

Please call the front desk upon arrival and wait in your car until an exam room is ready. If you do not have a phone, please leave your pet in your vehicle and just pop in the reception area to let us know you have arrived. We will call, text, or notify you when your room is cleaned and ready for you and your pet.

We ask that only one person per pet comes to the appointment. If others want to hear the discussions, we will be glad for you to have them on speakerphone.

Please consider delaying routine visits.  Exceptions will be made for booster and rabies vaccines. 

If you need medications or prescription food, please call ahead and give us your payment information and we will deliver the meds and food to your car.  Call or check in at reception when you arrive. You can also try to order the items from our online pharmacy through the link available on our website

We will not be performing any routine nail trims or grooming until safety precautions can be lifted.

If your pet needs surgery, please provide the receptionist your email address so we can send you all release forms to be filled out in advance.  Please email or bring forms at time of drop off.

Please be aware that pets and livestock have not been shown to contract or carry COVID-19 

We are dedicated to ensuring continued compassionate care for all our patients while helping to provide our clients and staff a safe environment. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to myself, my business partner, Denise Corder, or any of the staff here at Hoof and Paw. 

Thank you for your understanding,

Dr. Paula A. Horne

Hoof & Paw Veterinary Service, Inc.