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​COVID-19 Protocols and


Hoof and Paw Veterinary Service COVID 19 Statement - updated Dec 26, 2020

Hoof and Paw Veterinary Service will be open Mon- Fri 8am - 6pm and Sat 8am - 1 pm 

Curbside service will be available for appointments, surgeries, urgent care and purchases of prescriptions, including foods and supplements. The clinic is currently closed to client entry except for appointments for euthanasia.

All employees will wear facial coverings when in the clinic and when attending our clientele curbside. Equine veterinarians and technicians will wear facial coverings while on farms examining patients and speaking with clients. Equine clients will be asked to wear facial coverings as well.

All employees will maintain social distancing when dealing with the public.  The clinic will be cleaned and sanitized regularly. 
All paperwork will be emailed to clients to shorten contact time curbside.

Clients or employees showing signs of illness related to COVID-19, should remain at home.  Symptoms include: Fever, Shortness of Breath, Dry Cough, Fatigue and Loss of Taste or Smell.

We ask for your patience and assistance in keeping everyone safe. 

Navigating your visit to Hoof and Paw Veterinary Clinic

1. Please call the clinic to schedule an appointment, surgery, urgent care drop off, or prescription/food pickup.  All needed forms will be emailed to you so that they can be filled out at home and emailed back to us prior to your visit. 

2. Bring a leash or animal carrier with you to help provide for safe transport of your pet into the clinic. 

3. Upon arrival, park in a numbered space and call the clinic at 540-338-5888.

4. The staff will make sure all forms and records are available and then call you to discuss your pet’s healthcare needs. 

5. Once the Veterinarian is ready, the staff member will come out and collect your pet and bring it inside for its examination/ treatment. 

6. Once examined, the veterinarian will call you to discuss your pet’s health and any treatments or additional procedures that are recommended for your pet. Our staff is trained in “Fear Free” handling and will utilize those principles during your pets visit. 

7. Once all treatment or procedures are completed, you will be called by the doctor/technician with any follow-up and payment will be arranged. 

8. Your pet and any medications, food or paperwork will then be returned to you at your car. 

Exceptions will be made for end-of-life appointments.  Please be patient during these difficult times. Appointments will take longer and scheduling of less appointments due to them being longer will necessitate more animals being dropped off to fit in when we can during the day. 

We at Hoof and Paw strive to continue excellence in your pet’s healthcare and will do our utmost to provide you and your pet the best experience possible.