Covid 19 information

Our office is now open, however face coverings are required regardless of vaccination status. Curbside service is still available to any clients should they choose, just call our front desk upon arrival.

All employees and clients will wear facial coverings when in the clinic and when attending our clientele curbside. 
Equine veterinarians and technicians will wear facial coverings while on farms examining patients and speaking with clients. Equine clients will be asked to wear facial coverings as well.

All employees will maintain social distancing when dealing with the public.  The clinic will be cleaned and sanitized regularly. All paperwork will be emailed to clients to shorten contact time.

Clients or employees showing signs of illness related to COVID-19, should remain at home. 
Symptoms include: Fever, Shortness of Breath, Dry Cough, Fatigue and Loss of Taste or Smell.

We ask for your patience, assistance, and kindness as keeping everyone safe is our upmost priority. 


Updated: 7/30/21